Nonfiction Foods is the brainchild of two Cornell professional graduate students, created in an effort to bridge the gap between science and the foods we eat every day. Throughout our time at Cornell, we've realized how little our friends and families know about the science behind the foods they know and love. Sometimes when people hear "science", they think “scary” or “boring”. And we want to prove to you that this is just not the case. Science doesn't have to be intimidating - it just has to be factual! And that is exactly why we are here.

Nonfiction Foods was founded on three major realizations:

Knowing what is fact or fiction can be challenging. Today, with social media being the main source of food-related information, the truth sometimes gets lost. This is how Nonfiction Foods got its name. Our goal is to provide reliable information about the foods you know and love so that, as consumers, you can make more confident and informed decisions.

Communication is key. As scientists, we often lose sight of how little consumers actually know about their favorite food and drink products. As the food industry’s next generation of food innovators and leaders, we want to encourage scientists to be better communicators in an effort to bring consumers closer to the science behind the foods they eat.

Everyone can relate. The simple fact is, everyone has to eat. On social media, people have never been more interested and empowered to learn about their food sources. We hope that NF will elevate the conversation online and continue to inspire people to seek answers from both industry and the scientific community.