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For me, food has always been about connecting with people. Everyone has their favourite dishes or products that excite them and on some level we can all relate to each other through food. Born into a family of foodies in London, Ontario, I grew up learning about nutrition and how to cook and bake. Today, I still love cooking & nutrition, the only difference now is that I learn about it in a lab or classroom.  If there's one thing I've learned over the past year at Cornell it's that as scientists we need to be better communicators. Research is necessary to move the food industry forward but if we continue to let the media mis-speak for us how can we actually make progress? If nothing else, I hope that Nonfiction Foods gives you a greater appreciation for the innovation behind products and empowers you to make informed decisions when it comes to your food.



Hi there! My love for food began when I spent many weekends baking cupcakes in high school back home in Fairmont, West Virginia.  In college, I lost touch a bit with the culinary arts while studying chemistry but I always knew food was going to play a huge part in my life. Whether it is reading a new cookbook, a scientific article on fruits and vegetables, or a book on food entrepreneurship, my eyes are glued! In the Fall of 2017, I began the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program in Food Science at Cornell University.  It wasn't until I came to Cornell that I realized what it is about food that I am most passionate - educating others about the science behind their foods.  Together, Meg and I are creating a revolution in the way the science behind food is understood. So, thanks for joining us on this once in a life-time ride and we can not wait to share with you what we find!

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